Two letters get newspaper warned, four letters can get it suspended

Within four days, independent newspapers received from Ministry of Information five (!) Warnings. Until now, there were only two, and only for Narodnaya Volya. The result is  seven warnings under the "too soft" ruler Lilia Ananich, as she was called by Alyaksandr Lukashenka at the press conference.

Narodnaya Volya was warned twice and, surprisingly, not for the output data.

Officials did not like two articles: an open letter to Alyaksandr Lukashenka from the wife of the former chief physician at Kastyukovichy hospital, the second one for Svyatlana Kalinkina's editorial on the Eurasian Union.

In the election year of 2010, for example, Narodnaya Volya had as many as 4(!) warnings. One for "spreading false information" about the partisan movement. Keep in mind that newspaper may get suspended by the court after 2 such warnings within a year.

Newspapers Intex-Press and Gantsavitski Chas have 1 warning each, because they shortened the name of the registartion body: "Ministry of Information" instead of the full "... the Republic of Belarus". If they got warned two letters, then four, it turns out, can get them  suspended -- a warning for 2 letters.

Previously, Intex-Press got warned in 2011 for not informing about the change of place, new address and phone number.

The Gantsavitski Chas was warned for not printing the tax number of the advertiser in the ad.

Two newspapers at once were warned by the Ministry of Information in Barysau. It was also done for shortening Republic of Belarus to RB: Borisovskiye Novosti and Reklamny Borzhomi. Previously, Borisovskiye Novosti were warned, because "they put the address above the name of the newspaper in the output data".

A warning was also given to a regional Gazeta Slonimskaya, because the officials did not find the circulation info about the newspaper, which was printed on the first page.

But the state newspaper Respublika has not been warned for not printing the name of the body that had registered the outlet.

Name of the newspaper

Number of warnings


Narodnaya Volya


Open letter to Lukashenka, editorial about the Eurasian Union



For the abbreviation RB

Borisovskie Novosti


For the abbreviation RB

Gantsavitski Chas


For the abbreviation RB

Reklamny Borzhomi


For the abbreviation RB

Gazeta Slonimskaya


Output data on the first page