COVID-19 — coronavirus

Almost 37% of Belarusians expect further decline in income. Only 6.3% are positive about future.

The Ministry of Health does not publish regional statistics. But the district newspapers unexpectedly come to the rescue.

989 patients have died

Belarus temporarily restricts entry across western borders due to the COVID-19 situation deterioration in neighboring countries.

The COVID-19 pandemic is named as the reasons behind the move.

Eight people from hockey players, coaches and club administrators tested positive.

5,605 more people died in Belarus in the second quarter of 2020 against the same period last year.

President Lukashenka mentions the cost of the COVID-19 response at a meeting with the 'economic bloc' of the government.

Rehearsals do not stop despite several confirmed cases of coronavirus in the Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theater in Minsk.