Interior Ministry expects sabotage and prepares for forceful resistance/collage by Ulad Rubanau

The unit will have armored vehicles and means of combating the UVA - too much to throw students and pensioners behind bars.

CSTO Summit in the Kremlin / CSTO summit

Euroradio talks to Kazakh/Belarusian foreign affairs expert Roza Turarbekova about the future of the Russia-led military grouping.

Activist Piotr Markelau / archive

The Swedish corporation responded to the action of the activist Piotr Markelau with pepper spray.

The 14-month-old son of Dzmitry Plaks and Liza Aleksandrova-Zorina / archive

The youngest son of Dzmitry Plaks is 14 months old. The elder was killed in 2019.

Belarusian military with a drone / t.me/modmilby/

Sakhashchyk spoke about the possible participation of Belarus in the war.

Lukashenka regularly spews something wild, but Belarusians are not Lukashenka / collage by Ulad Rubanau

Belarusians have nothing to be ashamed of what Lukashenka does. There are still things that can make them proud.

No white-red-white wreath from demoractic Belarus was allowed at the 1863 uprising commemorations in Warsaw, January 2023 / twitter.com/prezydentpl

Ukraine's president ommitted Belarus when naming the nations fighting against Russian emperialism 160 years ago.

Students / DELFI

European Humanities Univesrity needs change, experts suggest.

Valery Sakhashchyk and Valery Zaluzhny / t.me/sahashchik

Belarus' "shadow defense minister" and Ukraine's Army commander-in-chief met in Kyiv.