Stories and reportages about life in Belarus

Как к ЛГБТ относятся в военкоматах в Беларуси

and why some guys are grateful for it

"They don't bomb this place. And it's great to live anywhere when they don't"

Belarusians Miraslau and Natallia tell Euroradio how and why they ended up in the Ukraine war.

Belarusians increasingly face discrimination in Poland since the war in Ukraine began. Is the situation really bad?

The stories of three queer people. How has their sense of security changed lately?

"Girls, I want to go home so bad."

Some want to go back to the Soviet times. Others want eradication of the USSR legacy as quickly as possible.

President Lukashenka's first term was coming to an end. The opposition insisted on new elections. Lukashenka resisted them.

While locals remain indifferent to politics, they fear migrants from across the border with Belarus for various reasons.