Poland to ask Belarus athletes to confirm they are against war in Ukraine

Belarusian athletes in Poland may be asked to confirm in writing before competitions that they are against the war / pixabay

The Polish Ministry of Sports and Tourism has developed a set of recommendations, which  explain to the country's sports community how they should interact with Russian and Belarusian athletes.

If an international sports federation agreed to the participation of a Belarusian athlete under a "neutral flag," the ministry would ask for additional confirmation that the person does not act as a representative of the Belarusian state and, among other things, does not receive funding from the Belarusian state or companies associated with it and has never expressed and does not intend to express support for Russian aggression in the war with Ukraine.

"This confirmation can be given in various forms, for example, in the form of an interview for the media, through portals, signing a corresponding statement, joining the anti-war declaration," the recommendations say.

If a person violates their obligations, they will be asked to be held disciplinarily liable.

The Polish Sports Union will also have to ensure that there is neither Belarusian flags on the athletes' gear nor the Belarusian anthem performed at the competitions. Event organizers are asked not to allow neutral athletes to make pro-Belarusian or pro-Russian statements or display the letters Z, V or St. George's ribbon.

The Ministry recommends that Polish sports unions and event organizers, including amateur events, allow participation of Belarusians who do not violate these requirements.


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