160K 'Polish Cards' issued in Belarus since 2008

Card of a Pole

160 thousand "Polish Card" was issued in Belarus in the last 14 years. The program was launched in 2008. The figure is published by the project "Belarusians in Poland," citing the Polish Ministry of Interior.

On September 6, Aliaksandr Lukashenka once again threatened those who had applied for the "Polish Card." Citizens of Belarus may be obliged to inform the authorities about obtaining such documents or other citizenship. Currently, one does not have to do it, but the Belarusian authorities do not recognize any citizenship other than the Belarusian one when it comes to Belarusian citizens.

More statistics

Over 54.8 thousand Belarusians have a valid residence permit in Poland:

- 29,311 people have permanent residence permits,

- 22,656 people have temporary residence permits,

- 3,140 people are under international protection.

In 2022, Poland has already received almost 38.7 thousand applications for residence permits from citizens of Belarus.

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